About Fisher & Rocha, Inc.

Fisher & Rocha, Inc. was founded in 1965 by Bruce E. Rocha, Sr. and Henry G. Fisher. Rocha was a skilled carpenter with a fledgling real estate practice, while Fisher was a financier with a motel enterprise. They decided to join forces to develop and build quality homes.

They purchased land, developed property, built homes and created relationships within the community together. Fisher retired from the business in 1975, while Rocha and his wife Bette-Jean, an advertising major, continued working and expanded the operation throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts region, focusing on construction, real estate and property management.

We provide all manner of construction, real estate and property management services in the Southeastern Massachusetts area. Call us for a free quote at 508 758 -6738.

Getting Gutters and Roofs Ready for New England Winters

Winters in New England can be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, but, can be quite harsh on homes. An important area of the home not to be overlooked are the gutters. Are all gutters secured properly and cleaned of any debris? Gutter maintenance is important to prevent any ice dams from forming on the edge of your roof. Properly cleaning out any debris, such as leaves and pine needles, will help prevent unnecessary water damage to your home due to ice and rainfall.

Your home may have an open rain gutter system, which may require more frequent cleaning, or with a leaf protection system installed, requiring less maintenance. In the course of collecting water and debris, gutters can clog anywhere from the gutter itself to the downspouts. A clogged gutter will cause excessive rainwater to overflow and may cause damage to landscaping, the home itself, and the basement. Regardless of which gutter system your home has, allowing loose debris to accumulate on your roof will decrease the life of your roofing shingles and allow water build up. Removing leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other debris from your gutters prior to winter will allow the melting snow and ice to flow freely. Frozen gutters can cause costly damage to your investment, your home.

We recommend that gutters be maintained at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, to maintain proper functioning. Check the joints on the inside and outside corners. Dirt often accumulates in these joints allowing moisture to retain and encouraging premature rotting of wooden gutters. While inspecting your gutters, take a look at your roof too. Often it is the first course of shingles that wear first due to ice buildup and that 100% of the water running off your roof hits the first course of shingles before draining into the gutter. Roofs will also require some maintenance to remove unwanted debris. Many times, a simple cleaning is all that is needed.

Accessing your roof and gutters requires agility in climbing and moving ladders or staging around. Being several feet off the ground is also a safety concern that needs consideration. It is always best to leave these tasks to a professional. To schedule maintenance service by one of our professionals, please call Fisher & Rocha, Inc. at 508.758.6738 today.

Recent Projects

We've completed new homes, remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, installed generators and built commercial structures in Mattapoisett, Fairhaven, Rochester, Acushnet, Wareham, Marion, South Dartmouth, and Padanaram. Check out a few of our latest:

Bruce E. Rocha, Jr.

Bruce E. Rocha, Jr., began working alongside his father at a young age, learning and embracing the company’s devotion to providing quality products and services to the community. As a result of their commitment to excellence, Fisher & Rocha, Inc., has achieved a high level of customer service, delivering on quality and maintaining high employee satisfaction.

Today, Bruce E. Rocha, Jr., a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, College of Design and Construction, is the President and is in charge of all construction projects at Fisher & Rocha, Inc. The company has earned a reputation for its quality craftsmanship, custom home building and specialization in remodeling, repairs and restoration.

Fisher & Rocha, Inc. is also well-known for building and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships, some which have spanned through three family generations.

Recognition and Awards

With over 55 years of experience serving customers in the Southeastern Massachusetts region, Fisher & Rocha, Inc. has received many awards and recognition for our quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer service. Some of our work has been featured in top industry publications, including:

  • Ten Houses by Peter Forbes
  • Architectural Record
  • Builder/Architect Magazine
  • Builder Magazine
  • Coin-Op Magazine
  • The Readers Digest

Fisher & Rocha, Inc. was proud to receive the Grand Award "Builders Choice" from Builder Magazine. We also received "Builder of the Month" from Builder/Architect magazine and First Place Award in the National Competition for the Most Beautiful Laundromat in North America.

Construction and Remodeling

From sunrooms to siding, painting to plumbing, our team of craftspeople is ready to enhance your home with a new kitchen, bathroom, doors, windows -- all the way up to a custom-built home.

Property Management

Count on us for efficient, prompt real estate and property management, year-round or seasonally. Let us handle the details of your rental property, from homes to apartment buildings.