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A few examples of our top-notch construction work.

A New Look at the Fisher & Rocha Office

The Fisher & Rocha, Inc. building located on Fairhaven Road (Rt. 6) has a new look. The company's talented craftsmen installed hardiplank siding on the façade of the building. This material was chosen for its durable and low maintenance qualities. The factory finish sailcloth hue does not require any additional painting. This siding product does not absorb water or attract pests, making this a great choice to endure the New England climate. The embossed wood grain texture resembles natural wood clapboard giving the building a beautiful clean finish.

New windows were added in time for the upcoming fall weather. These high performance windows are not only efficient, but, also beautiful with the fine light grilles in between the glass. This detail is pleasing to the eye and simple to clean.

New custom shutters were added to embrace the windows. The upper level shutters were custom crafted and painted in our shop adjacent to the building. One of our talented painters added a new color of paint to our existing exterior door giving the façade a completed look.

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New Stick Build Construction on West Island, Fairhaven

The Fisher & Rocha construction team is working hard on a new home build in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The home is situated on a small corner lot located on a beautiful 735 acre island located off of Buzzards Bay. This small New England island is accessible by going over the West Island Causeway. The Fisher & Rocha crew members cross this causeway each day admiring this beautiful spot known for its popularity for fishing and its beaches.

The foundation is in and the flooring has been constructed. Every facet of the home is being built on site and the home project is now in the framing stage. The top and bottom plates, 2”x6” studs and headers, trimmers and king studs are going up smoothly. Walls are been raised and are temporarily braced making certain the corners are plumb. The lintels are in place over the window openings. Soon the trusses and exterior sheathing will be installed. The process is going smoothly, thanks to our excellent team of talented carpenters and staff members.

Home Residing Project in Rochester

Fisher & Rocha, Inc., is currently working on residing a beautiful colonial style home in Rochester. Our talented craftsmen are working on residing and replacing the trim on this country side residence. The homeowners have chosen Hardiplank siding for its affordability, sustainability and low maintenance qualities. Hardiplank gives the beauty of wood-like appearance without the high cost of maintaining a wood product. The homeowner selected a warm buttery tone, Sail Cloth, complementing this home very well.

Kleer trim boards were also chosen for their beauty, durability and low maintenance attributes. We feel that Kleer trim boards are aesthetically appealing and will weather the New England seasons well. This product does not require painting, as they are available in white, but, can be painted with a 100% acrylic latex paint if another color option is preferred. The Kleer product is made from high quality PVC resin making it non-splintering, non-rotting, and will not swell with moisture as wood products may.

The outside entrance was also redone with the same materials. Tongue and groove Kleerlok boards were used as the ceiling material. This product provides a traditional look without the maintenance of a wood product. Our carpenters have been keen to providing meticulous details to this renovation and making this transformation an excellent investment.

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Water Damage Creates Extensive Renovations

Rochester - Extensive water damage has created much needed repairs to the Rochester's First Congregational Church located at 11 Constitution Way. Robert Ripley, the church's Pastor, said most of the damage is caused by water entering the bell tower and also the spires at each of the corners. Pastor Ripley states that the ceiling plaster has peeled away in wide strips due to the water damage.

The Fisher & Rocha team has been working on the bell tower and the four spires providing the much needed repairs. The craftsmen have replaced many of the wooden boards with concrete boards, made for durability.

If you would like to read to full article written by Andrea Ray, click on the link below.

Rochester Congregational Church

“Contractors from Fisher & Rocha of Mattapoisett are working on replacing some of the church's distinctive trim work, including the lower portion of the steeple and the points at the corners of the building. Several contractors are working on the roof, removing the old wood and installing a frame in the steeple. “The steeple was self-supporting,” explained Fisher and Rocha owner Bruce Rocha. “But on the project, we’re using man-made materials and cement boards; we’ll need a frame now.”

In Fisher and Rocha’s building—formerly a 19th-century barrel-making factory on Route 6 in Mattapoisett—master craftsmen worked on restoring the clover-shaped “medallions,” which feature prominently on the bottom portion of the steeple.
Project overseer Gerry Lawrence explained the new medallions. “The edge used to be all wood,” he said. “Each inside board needs to be cut individually to fit. I can just imagine guys in the nineteenth century, up on the roof with their handsaws and wood shavers, cutting everything individually.” The outlines of the clovers are now more of a particle board, a PVC-style plastic that looks like wood. “This should hold up to the weather longer,” Lawrence said.”

To continue reading the story written by Andrea Ray at the Sippican Week, click on the button below.

Custom Garage Addition

Custom garage built in Mattapoisett, MA, incorporating a spacious living area above to accommodate extra guests and family members. The Velux skylights installed by our experienced staff allow an abundance of natural light and fresh air into the living area. With a choice of installing a rain sensor, you don’t have to be home if inclement weather is on its way. Once the rain sensor detects stormy weather, it automatically closes the skylight for you.

A quality Centura Flush white steel garage door was selected for its use of exceptionally high quality materials. The series of windows above the garage door creates a distinct and custom look. Raynor Aviator operators were selected for their durability, reliability, maximum security and convenience. The garage door opener features modern technologies and is known for its long lasting performance. This beautifully designed garage with loft area complements the existing home while maintaining creativity and precise focus on finely detailed moldings, trim, handcrafted staircase, and much more. The superior engineering and detailed craftsmanship seen in this modern garage resulted in a beautiful and useful space for the homeowners.

Patio with Fire Pit

This fire pit was created at a South Dartmouth, MA, home to increase outdoor living and entertainment area. A simple project, such as a fire pit, can enhance a homeowner’s life style as well as create much enjoyment for the whole family. Fire pits and patios bring indoor style to outdoor living. Creative outdoor spaces are a great place to relax with the family or entertain a crowd.

This fire pit is lined with fire brick encased by natural fieldstone and topped with regional bluestone. Fieldstone was a nice choice due to its charming color variations in the stone. The color variations depend much on the mineral content of the area where found. The bluestone was an ideal topper as it is durable and attractive. Its natural earth tone hues are gracious and complement any landscape.
This fire pit has given these home owners an outdoor space to enjoy for many years and throughout the many New England seasons. Our customers are very content and enjoy many cool coastal summer breezes while relaxing around the fire.

Stairway Remodel

Three-story safe and stylish stairway built in a beautifully restored captain’s home in Mattapoisett, MA. The layout and design was carefully thought out to incorporate the home’s character and visual appeal. Our team of carpenters were meticulous in hand crafting the custom oak rails and stair treads. The pine treads were installed to match the custom hard pine flooring throughout many areas of the home. The newels and balusters were painted in white to maintain a crisp and light look.

The overhanging oak treads help avoid heels from scuffing the risers and give a secure footing when descending. Non-slip varnish was applied for safety and added durability. This 3-story staircase was a well-designed task that our carpenters at Fisher & Rocha, Inc., truly enjoyed building.

Custom Home

5,500 Sq. Ft. home. Original structure was a complete restoration and our skilled carpenters increased the living area by adding onto the existing building. The addition presented a seamless look to the existing structure. Our talented painters completed the interior and exterior painting with serene seaside colors chosen by the homeowners. The home is surrounded by beautifully kept landscaped gardens that are enjoyed while relaxing in the screened in porch or on one of the multilevel Azek decks. Owens Corning products were used on the roof to maintain longevity and aesthetic appeal. Andersen exterior doors and windows were chosen for this newly remodeled home. The Andersen windows were nicely framed with custom made mahogany shutters handcrafted in our shop in Mattapoisett, MA. James Hardie siding was selected by the homeowners for easy maintenance and for its long lasting qualities.

New Kitchen

New kitchen built to customer’s specifications maintaining a crisp refreshing look. Creamy yellow walls surrounding by imported white subway tiles make this a very inviting kitchen for the whole family. The maple custom cabinetry was fabricated locally and adding the granite counter tops gave this kitchen an added touch. Recessed LED lighting was added by our professional electrical contractor. Our client selected faucets and hardware to match their bathrooms and laundry room.

Commercial Property

Our expert craftsmen built this 3,200 square foot custom commercial building that houses the Mattapoisett Laundromat, Mail Box Services, and the national headquarters for the TownWear™ brand. The structure was designed by highly acclaimed architect, Claude Miquelle. Driving into the parking area, you are greeted by the robust maple columns that give this beautiful building an inviting appeal. The heated exterior walkway prevents snow and ice buildup. The function of the building is enhanced by a handicap entrance, rest rooms and automatic doors. The interior design features a 36’ mural hand painted by award winning artist, Michael Rogovsky.

The 41’ open floor plan is constructed with wood trusses configured in a shape that fits well with the neighborhood. The open concept feeling is enhanced by the cathedral ceilings. This commercial building is beautifully designed and features radiant heated floors throughout. This commercial structure has a high velocity style air conditioning system. The building owner requested specially designed fresh air vents to guarantee 100% make up air for the 28 commercial dryers which allowed maximization on energy conservation. Andersen double hung windows with divided lights kept the feeling of a New England home. The exterior is sided with Maibec pretreated white cedar and Hardie plank clapboards. The placement of gutters were carefully thought out to embrace the many peaks of the roof. The parking lot drainage design provides for 100% recapture of all rain water from the roof as well as the parking lot.

Exterior Trim Work

Skilled carpenters at Fisher & Rocha, Inc., focus on details inside and out. The exterior trim on this building was fabricated using James Hardie siding. Detailed pine woodwork surrounds the Andersen double hung windows to create a unique wooden frame. Decorative cornice molding was added to conceal the ventilation system for the attic space. The construction of the custom made bullet wood brackets, also known as manilkara wood, were crafted in our local wood shop. This wooden material was selected for its rot resistant and termite proof qualities.

Our experienced professionals are masters at creating and implementing your siding ideas into a finish product. We can build designs from simple but elegant, to highly detailed work. With the many siding and trim materials available today, our team can help you choose what is best for your home. Talented painters gave this low maintenance siding its finished look. With the expertise of our painting staff, we will guide you in selecting the optimal product to prevent mold buildup, prevent chipping, and weather well through the many seasonal variances. Choosing the correct latex or oil based primer and paint will also help in keeping a long lasting finish. Give us a call and we will provide you with a free estimate on your siding and trim repairs.

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