Smartest Home Improvements That Add Value in New Bedford, MA

There are lots of great projects that can be done with regard to Southeastern Massachusetts remodeling that will help to boost the value of your home in the local real estate market. However, if your goal is to increase value for you and your family while you are still living in the home, there are other types of things you can do in a residential remodel in New Bedford that will probably make an even bigger difference.

Winter home improvements in Massachusetts can include upgrading a furnace, sealing doors and windows or even choosing to replace residential windows and doors with new Energy Star options. All of these projects are considered to be home improvements that add value. They add value in a number of ways, including reducing your energy consumption to lower your utility bills for heating and cooling all year-round.

Which Projects are Best?
When it comes to deciding how you want to invest your money, it is best to work with a licensed, experienced home remodeling expert, such as the team at Fisher & Rocha, Inc. Our skilled craftsmen have provided services to homeowners throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts remodeling industry since 1965. We are proud to have a large percentage of our customer base consisting of repeat customers and new customers that have been referred by our long-time customer base.

As a member of the Builders Association of Greater Boston and the National Association of Home Builders, our team takes great pride in the work that we do for both residential and commercial property owners. So whether you want to do a residential remodel in New Bedford or your need Southeastern Massachusetts remodeling and construction in Mattapoisett, we can provide you with a consultation for home improvements that add value and that will create a more comfortable and functional living environment.

Upgrade to Energy Star Windows and Doors
One of the smartest home improvements that you can make is to upgrade and replace residential windows and doors. Even if your home is just ten or fifteen years old, the windows that were likely used during construction can’t possibly perform to today’s standards. Fisher & Rocha, Inc. can provide you with a range of Energy Star rated windows and doors that will help to improve thermal control inside your home, assisting in reducing your annual energy bill for heating and cooling. In fact, studies show that just by replacing old windows with Energy Star products can save you between seven and fifteen percent annually.

Get a ZERO Percent Interest Loan – You can even apply for a zero percent interest loan to make qualified energy-efficient home improvements that add value through the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program. Loans of up to $25,000 with seven-year terms can be obtained, depending on the loan provider and program administrator. Just call the Mass Save program at 1-866-527-7283 to schedule a Home Energy Assessment. Once the results are reviewed by the program, you will be advised as to which types of residential remodels in New Bedford or the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts remodeling area would be eligible for HEAT Loan Program financing.

Energy Star windows and doors are certified by an independent agency that determines quality and energy performance. In addition to reducing heating costs, when you replace residential windows and doors with Energy Star products, you can reduce outside noise from transferring indoors, reduce condensation and protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. When it comes to winter home improvements in Massachusetts, choosing to upgrade windows and doors is one of the smartest long-term investments that you can make for you, your family and the future value of your home.

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