Mattapoisett Residential Remodeling to Increase Living Space

Professional Garage Remodeling ProjectDo you need more space? Have you been thinking about making home improvements that add value and increase living space? Some homeowners convert basements or attics to add bedrooms, family rooms and media rooms. However, there is one space that is often overlooked that can be quite beneficial as part of a residential remodel in New Bedford or as a stand-alone project for home remodeling in Mattapoisett. An attached garage can be easily converted to make extra space for the things you need most: another bedroom, a living room, a media room, a playroom for the kids or a home office for a home-based business.

Winter home improvements in Massachusetts are different from the projects that we do in the summer, such as adding on a deck, expanding outdoor living space or painting the exterior of the house. In the winter, looking for jobs that already have a head-start, such as renovating a kitchen or remodeling a garage, are a lot easier to do when there is snow and ice on the ground. Working with a qualified contractor who is experienced in this type of work is extremely important, as there are many things that need to be considered with regard to logistics. This is definitely not a DIY (do-it-yourself) type “weekend” project.

Things to Consider
The average two-car garage is approximately 600 square feet, providing the potential to add a great deal of increased square footage and value to your property. If the garage is already finished or even semi-finished, you will save even more on this type of project than if you were to start from scratch with an addition. There are a few important things that you need to think about before diving in to do this type of residential remodel in New Bedford or the surrounding South Coast area. Home remodeling in Mattapoisett that includes a garage conversion will need approval from local zoning and regulations through permits. You will also need to consult your insurance provider regarding any requirements that they might have regarding safety.

Working with Massachusetts residential remodeling contractors, such as the team at Fisher & Rocha, Inc., will help you to safely, legally and appropriately complete this project. To make sure that you are doing home improvements that add value rather than decreasing the value of your home, you can also consult with a local real estate agent. They can help you determine whether the value of added living space outweighs the loss of garage space in the grand scheme of things. This will help you understand whether this project will benefit the resale value of your home or if it will detract from it. Even if you are not planning on selling in the near future, this could make a huge impact on sales down the road.

What to Expect During Remodeling
When you hire a professional to help you with this type of residential remodel in New Bedford or other home remodeling in Mattapoisett and the Greater area, make sure to ask questions about how much time it will take, what type of work it will require, what additional work you might want to do and, of course, how much it will cost. A reputable and professional company will provide you with an estimate for both time and money. However, even with the best craftsmen in the region, sometimes unexpected things can pop up. In some cases, it is impossible to tell what’s going on under the surface of a slab or wall until you get inside. Make sure your contractor agrees to come to you for approval before any additional work is done or cost is incurred.

Some of the things that must be done for a garage conversion include:

  • improving insulation in walls and ceiling
  • replace garage door with fully insulated stud walls
  • upgrading electrical outlets to accommodate desired use
  • removing walls, as necessary, if an open floor plan with existing living area is desired
  • providing heating and cooling, either by connecting to existing ductwork or by installing mini-split or wall-unit systems
  • raising the floor height and adding insulation over the concrete slab
  • adding windows and access doors, as desired

It is important to get insight regarding your project from a professional architect, to ensure that the project is done properly with the idea of making home improvements that add value. You want to make sure that the space looks like a cohesive part of your home’s design, removing any evidence that it was once a garage. Consider adding a shed or some other storage space to your property that will allow you to store lawn mowers, garden rakes, snow blowers, shovels, extra grass seed and soil, as well as anything else you like to keep on-hand for landscaping.

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