Dining Room Remodel Ideas for Homeowners in Mattapoisett, MA

Dining Room Remodeling Project for the HolidaysWhen most people think about making home improvements that add value for the holiday season, they think about putting on a new roof or remodeling the kitchen. While both of these are excellent options, you should not limit yourself only to the most popular choices. Fall and winter holidays often mean a houseful of family and friends, gathering together for a meal or to observe seasonal traditions.

Making your dining room more convenient, elegant or expanding it to make room for a growing family, could be the perfect upgrade to make your holiday season more enjoyable for everyone involved. Custom residential remodeling in Southeastern Massachusetts can include a wide range of options, including dining room, bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Mattapoisett and the surrounding area, as well as a wide range of other home improvement options.

Design Spotlight: Open Concept
One of the more popular designs that is being used for homes of all types is the “open concept,” which combines the kitchen and dining room areas into one larger, more open space. Instead of walls dividing these two rooms, many homeowners are opting to tear down walls – through the help of a professional contractor – to create a roomier space that is perfect for entertaining and family dinners all year round. While it is was initially used back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, this concept has come back into style, with more prospective home buyers and current homeowners looking for solutions that will help them make the most of the available space.

However, before you dive in and select these fall or winter home improvements in Massachusetts, make sure to check with your trusted contractor on a couple of points. While this definitely qualifies as home improvements that add value, especially with the increased interest with home buyers in an open concept design, not every floor plan is ideal for this type of renovation. Working closely with your designer and contractor at Fisher & Rocha, Inc. is the best way to make sure that you get the biggest return on your investment and that the job isn’t just “done,” but that it is done right.

What About the Structure?
One thing that a professional contractor will consider when you hire them for custom residential remodeling in Southeastern Massachusetts is whether or not the wall that you want to remove to create your open concept dining design is load bearing. Each wall has a purpose, so it is important that you don’t just grab a sledge-hammer and take matters into your own hands. It could have catastrophic effects. This is the job of an architect or an engineer, who can read the original plans for your home and determine a strategy for the safe removal of a wall.

Working with contractors for dining room, bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Mattapoisett is more than just having someone who will get the paperwork and permits filed with local government on your behalf, or getting the job done when you are too busy to do it yourself. Hiring a pro means making home improvements that add value instead of making changes that could cost you more time and money than you are willing to invest. Even if you are unable to completely remove the wall that you wanted to remove, there may be other ways to increase space without compromising structural support.

Continuity is Key
One of the biggest challenges to designers who attempt to tackle an open concept design is making sure that there is a nice flow to the look and feel of the newly designed space so that it appears cohesive from every viewpoint and angle. Flooring can be the cornerstone that holds it all together. Some homeowners opt to upgrade flooring throughout the entire space to connect everything in a common way, but it is possible to use a mixture of wood or tile flooring and softer options, such as carpeting in the dining area, if you know what you are doing.

Paint and wallpaper are two other ways to bring these larger spaces together into one cohesive room. The separation between the satin finish paint in the kitchen and the matte color in the dining area may prove to be too much for some homeowners, which is why many choose to use wallpaper to help blend the spaces together. Even if you are simply doing kitchen remodeling in Mattapoisett instead of a larger project for winter home improvements in Massachusetts, you will still need to decide how you want to define the separation between the kitchen and other areas of your home.

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