Expand Outdoor Living Space With Custom Decks in Wareham, MA

custom-decksWith temperatures still below comfortable, you might not be thinking about enjoying your outdoor living space right now, but in a few months spring will be sprung and you’ll be wanting to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. A great way to get outdoors and do home improvements that add value to your property, is to consider adding custom decks and porches. Building a deck is a great way to improve your home value now – and in the future. There are many reasons why putting in a brand new custom deck is one of the smartest investments you could possibly make.

Cost-Effective Home Improvement

One of the reasons why homeowners all along the SouthCoast are contacting deck installers in Wareham, Massachusetts about putting in custom decks and porches as soon as the ground thaws is that it is one of the most cost-effective additions you can make that gives you an instant return on your investment. It costs less to put in a brand new deck and create an awesome outdoor living space than it does to build an extra room or even renovate your kitchen. Plus, it instantly adds useful space to your home that, should you be in the market to sell, would help your home to sell quickly.

According to the home and yard editor of Consumer Reports, custom decks and porches are a really “high return item” and one of the most popular home improvements that add value because homeowners can enjoy using the new space – even if they aren’t planning to sell. Coastal areas, such as along the Wareham River, in particular are a popular spot for adding outdoor living space. In addition to boats and other personal watercraft, the people in this area tend to do more activities outdoors, making it a “no brainer” to add on a brand new deck, especially if you’ve got a waterfront view.

Other experts agree. In fact, one report that was published in Remodeling Magazine showed that over 85 percent of the cost associated with building and hiring deck installers in Wareham, Massachusetts and all across the country, would be recouped during the sale of the property. That figure is even higher than other popular addition projects, including bathrooms, which came in at 78 percent and family rooms, which came in at 69 percent. Some have even gone so far as to say that building custom decks and porches is nearly a dollar-for-dollar value upgrade on your home, making it an even more attractive upgrade for homeowners in today’s up-and-down housing market.

Why Custom Decks Add Value

Once you stop and think about all of the advantages associated with expanding your outdoor living space, you will quickly see why adding custom decks and porches are home improvements that add value. When you have people over to your house, regardless of whether its friends or family members, what is the one room that most people gravitate to the most? The typical answer is the kitchen, which is where all of the food, beverages and snacks are located. Most outdoor improvements include some sort of similar area, such as a bar, a dining table, a barbecue grill or an entire custom kitchen set-up, logically drawing your guests in to want to spend more time in that space.

People who are out shopping for a new home have the same interests as you do. While you might not be into the same music, like the same sports team or even have the same family dynamics, most people are looking for a home where they can relax and enjoy spending time with the people they care about most. Creating a comfortable, functional outdoor living space in the form of custom decks and porches will make your home more attractive to people who enjoy entertaining or are just looking for a place to stretch out and enjoy the local surroundings.

Why You Should Hire Deck Installers in Wareham, Massachusetts

It is important to hire a professional to do remodels, renovations and add-ons if your goal is to do home improvements that add value. While some projects are good for a weekend DIY project, most will get a much higher return on your investment if you contact professional, licensed deck installers in Wareham, Massachusetts to do it for you. Fisher & Rocha, Inc. provides custom deck installation, patio installation, kitchen remodeling, interior and exterior painting, finished basements, sunrooms, bathroom remodeling, roofing and much more. Give Fisher & Rocha, Inc. a call at our Mattapoisett location or use our online contact information to find out more about our business and the services we provide.