Southcoast Massachusetts Homeowners – 7 Residential Remodeling Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

home-remodeling-projectJust turn on the television and you will see them on just about every station. DIY or do-it-yourself home remodeling programs that encourage Massachusetts homeowners to try and save money by doing basic projects around the house. While there are many projects that qualify as a true DIY project that can be easily done with basic equipment and limited know-how, there are plenty of other residential remodeling projects that should never be tackled by a novice.

Today we are just going to talk about the seven most dangerous residential remodeling projects that are often encouraged by these DIY programs and magazine articles. If you can avoid trying these out for yourself and opt instead to call a professional remodeling company to do them instead you will save time, money and possibly weeks, months or even years of aggravation as a result. Before you strap on that tool belt, take a moment to read these tips.

Residential Remodeling Projects That Should Never Be DIY

It doesn’t matter how handy you are at making small home repairs, there are some things that should be left to the experts. Fisher & Rocha, Inc. has been providing high quality residential remodeling project services and construction since 1965. Serving Massachusetts homeowners, business owners and property owners, our team of skilled tradesmen have years of experience providing home remodeling services to our customers.

Here is a list of the seven things that you should never try to do yourself:

#1 – Major Structural Changes

This includes additions or projects that change the overall structure of the home. Not only will you need to have a great understanding of how home construction works, especially with regard to weight-bearing walls, electrical systems and such, but you also need years of training and experience. Large projects, such as a kitchen or bathroom residential remodeling project should be contracted out to professional home remodeling experts. A professional contractor can also help do things right with the proper permits, licensing and insurance to avoid costly and dangerous situations.

#2 – Electrical Work

If you don’t know how to work with electricity you should never try to do it on your own. Even if you think all of the breakers are pulled and the electricity is off, there are sometimes back-ups in place that could end up putting you in the hospital – or worse! A common saying in electrical work is, “you don’t get a second chance with electricity.” One wrong move and you could put yourself and others in danger. As a result, many homeowners insurance policies will require that any electrical work be done by a licensed electrician. Many local codes also require an inspection and permits to be purchased before any electrical work is done for your home remodeling project.

#3 – Demolition Work

Believe it or not, many Massachusetts homeowners have made the mistake of grabbing a sledge hammer and knocking out walls without having a clue of what was involved. Not only can you cause expensive damage to your home, but you could also disturb dangerous materials and chemicals, including lead paint dust and asbestos. Not knowing what is behind your walls can be equally dangerous. Before doing demolition for any residential remodeling project, hire a professional to get the job done right. Leave repair, restoration and remodeling to the pros.

#4 – Plumbing Projects

While there are some basic plumbing projects that can be taken care of by Massachusetts homeowners, there are others that should never be attempted without proper training and experience. For example, changing out a toilet can be easy for those who have helped someone do it before, but putting in a brand new bathtub or adding a standing shower is a whole other concept. If your residential remodeling project includes plumbing, make sure to hire a skilled professional.

#5 – Roofing

Even if your home has been hit by a freak storm that has left all the area handymen, repair men and professional roofers super busy, don’t attempt to repair the damage yourself. In addition to knowing the proper way to climb, scale and maneuver on your particular type of rooftop, a professional will also know the proper way to repair and clean-up after this type of damage or residential remodeling project. This is especially important if there are any structural weaknesses or unseen areas of damage that might cause even bigger problems down the road.

#6 – Special Painting

You might think that painting is one of those home remodeling projects that any Massachusetts homeowner can do. In most cases – you would be right. Paint is cheap and mistakes can be fixed without a lot of effort or expense, so it is usually a harmless DIY project. However, when you factor in special painting projects, such as very loud or bright colors, faux finishes and specialized techniques, there are still problems that can occur. A weekend class at your home improvement store might give you the confidence to try and tackle creating a wood grain effect or a blotchy sponge look for your bedroom wall, but confidence does not equal skill and experience.

#7 – Fencing, Patios and Walkways

Outdoor repairs, restorations and remodeling projects are one of the most common types of DIY projects attempted by Massachusetts homeowners. However, they can also come with costly consequences. For example, putting up a new fence involves more than just cementing in posts and hammering in boards – you need building permits, permission from neighbors who share a border with you and of course, a whole lot of post hole digging and measurement to ensure that it is done right. Patios can also be tricky and there’s nothing quite like an uneven walkway to bring unwanted water pouring into your basement come spring.

Home Remodeling and More in Massachusetts

Fisher & Rocha, Inc. can help Massachusetts homeowners achieve their residential remodeling project dreams. They have experience working with bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, creating finished basements, pouring driveways, patios, porches and walkways, installing windows, siding, roofing and much more. If you want a full addition, a brand new garage, outdoor living area or sunroom, call Fisher & Rocha, Inc. for truly professional results. With years of experience and a team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen at the ready, Fisher & Rocha, Inc. can provide quality services for all of your repair, restoration and remodeling needs.