Safe, Convenient, Peace of Mind Installed in Your Home

GRAB BARS AD_opt[1]Every bathroom can benefit from having the added safety of one or more grab bar.  Grab bars can help each member of the family prevent injuries from slips and falls.  Grab bars are not only installed for people with disabilities, but, also for those who are fit and able.  Every member of the family can benefit from this accessory.   If you have had the instance of having a sore knee, sprained ankle, or just feeling a bit dizzy, a grab bar will give you the added support when you need it most.

Today, the various choices of materials, colors, and selection of designer styles have increased to beautify a bathroom and add function.   Grab bars are manufactured to hold up to 250 lbs. of force when secured properly, not to be confused with an average towel bar.  Traditional light duty towel bars are not made to withstand weight.  Grab bars provide that extra security when entering or exiting a slippery shower and provide an added support to balance yourself when needed.

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