Holiday Countdown: Is Your Kitchen Ready for Entertaining?

kitchen-remodelRound about this time of year, many Massachusetts homeowners start to wonder whether or not their kitchen is ready for the onslaught of holiday entertaining that will be happening in the weeks and months to come. While October is a bit late to begin a complete kitchen remodel in the hopes that it will be ready for cooking a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner, there are things that you can do to update the look and feel of your kitchen without driving yourself and your contractor mad.

Rule #1 – You MUST Plan Ahead

If you really do want a complete kitchen remodel, you need to plan at least 2-3 months ahead. You might even want to give it more time as the end of the year approaches. You will be competing with other area Massachusetts homeowners who also want to update their kitchens before the holidays.

The best time to plan a complete kitchen remodel is in the summer. You will have less competition to hire the best remodeling contractor in Massachusetts and you will give yourself plenty of time to choose a new color scheme, special order appliances and install a set of custom cupboards.

Rule #2 – Consider a Kitchen Update

If there are things that you absolutely must change about your kitchen before the holidays arrive, consider hiring a contractor to do a kitchen update. A fresh coat of paint, new counter tops and maybe even some new lighting, can all be achieved in just a few weeks if you know what you want and can get on the schedule.

A kitchen update takes a lot less time because it is restricted to lighter jobs, compared to completely gutting out your kitchen and replacing everything. Even if you have a couple of things on your list, most remodeling contractors in Massachusetts can get a kitchen update done in less than a month.

Rule #3 – Don’t Even Think About a Redesign

If you want to completely redesign your kitchen, knock out a few walls, expand your space, add new windows or remove bulkheads and ceiling panels, you better think again. This type of job can take 4-6 months depending on how many doors, windows, ceilings, floors and walls you want to tear down and push out.

You need to give yourself time to meet with your remodeling contractor in Massachusetts to plan, design and map out all of the changes you want to make. You will also need time to choose and purchase all of the new elements and appliances for your new kitchen. A redesign will take longer than a complete kitchen remodel because there is more construction involved in the process.

Rule #4 – Consult a Professional

The time frames and information in this article are complete generalizations and will vary depending on the time of year, your budget, the amount of space you currently have and any restrictions on remodeling in the town where you live. The best way for Massachusetts homeowners to navigate a kitchen update, complete kitchen remodel or full redesign is to consult with a professional.

Working with a reputable remodeling contractor in Massachusetts will not only give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the job will get done right, but it also gives you access to the experience and knowledge that comes from many years of doing kitchen updates and complete kitchen remodels. Your contractor can share tips with you that will help expedite the job, assist in choosing new elements for your kitchen and can suggest new trends and ideas in remodeling that you might not have considered.

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