Home Improvement in Mattapoisett: Why You Should Remodel Your Basement

basement-remodelThere are many reasons why homeowners remodel or refinish a basement. Unfortunately, for most Americans these days, it seems as though something is always in need of repair or replacement. As a result, your dream basement remodeling project is probably fairly low on the list of overall home improvement work that needs to be done.

However, depending on the current state of your basement, there are also other things to consider. If your basement has flooded or if you are losing heat in the winter due to a lack of proper insulation, a remodel job might just end up paying for itself in reduced energy costs and emergency flood services.

Reason #1 – To Prevent Moisture & Mold

If you have ever experienced a leak in your basement or if it is currently unfinished, as in no insulation, drywall or paint on the walls, chances are high that you have moisture. And if you have moisture, it is very likely that you also have mold or mildew. Mold spores are absolutely everywhere. They are all over your home. Unless you are extremely sensitive, you probably don’t even notice that they are there.

The goal here is to prevent mold growth, which smells, can cause damage, can make you (and your family members) very sick and encourages other problems as well, such as bacteria, amoeba, nematodes, dust mites, crickets and spiders. In short, mold growth can be dangerous for you and can make selling your home next to impossible. It is important to address the problem by hiring a professional contractor to assess the moisture situation of your home and refinish the basement to prevent moisture problems that can encourage mold growth in the future.

Reason #2 – It’s a Good Investment

For Massachusetts homeowners, the decision to refinish a basement is a very smart investment. According to recent studies that compare the cost of a basement remodeling project to the value received in return, the average homeowner sees an approximate 70 percent return on their investment in added equity.

If your home is 1500 square feet and the size of the basement space is 750 square feet once the basement remodeling project is complete, that is a 50 percent increase in living space. This will boost the value of your home and the added space will make it more attractive to prospective buyers, which will make it easier to sell when you are ready to move.

Reason #3 – It’s a Smart Choice
While there are lots of other ways to add square footage to your home, hiring a professional contractor to refinish a basement is one of the most cost-effective types of remodeling projects you can choose to do. If you think about your basement remodeling project as an addition, because of all the extra space you are adding, and compare it to the cost that would be associated with adding on an extra room of the same size, you really begin to see the advantages.

On average, the cost to refinish a basement is a fraction of the cost required to do an addition, somewhere around 25 percent of the total cost. Additions require creating a foundation, adding electricity, plumbing, lighting, HVAC ducts and exterior paint or aluminum siding to match the rest of your home. Choosing to refinish a basement is a very smart choice, especially for Massachusetts homeowners on a budget.

Reason #4 – It Makes Good Use of Wasted Space

Even if you are currently using your basement to store holiday decorations, old baby furniture or boxes of books from college, it is still wasted space. Some basements merely function as a good place to hook-up the washer and dryer, while others are used to shelve canned goods or bottles of wine. Whatever you are using your basement for, if it isn’t refinished and being used as living space, it is technically a waste of space.

Imagine using your basement to entertain guests or build a home theater. What about a nice recreation area for the kids and all of their toys? Whatever your needs and whatever you want to use the space for, chances are you will get a lot more use out of a refinished basement than you are right now.

Not Sure What You Want to Do?

Hiring a professional contractor can help to take all the worry out of the equation. They can also give you ideas on new and creative ways that you can help you make the most out of your new found space. The confidence that comes from hiring a reputable contractor, can give you peace of mind, knowing that your basement remodeling project is in good hands.

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