Top Remodeling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

remodeling-projectsEvery homeowner has a list of remodeling projects and improvements that they would like to make to their home. But when it comes to choosing which projects should be done first, according to which projects will add the most value to the home, many homeowners aren’t quite sure where to start. This article provides an overview of the top remodeling projects that will add the most value to your home.

#1 – The Kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the “heart” of the home. Because it is so central to the daily lives of Southeastern Massachusetts homeowners, any updates you make to the kitchen will really pay off. Studies show that remodeling projects that focus on the kitchen can recoup as much as 60 to 120 percent of the total investment. However, there are some tips that you should remember when considering remodeling a kitchen.

  • Don’t create a kitchen that is more upscale than the rest of the neighborhood.If you live in a neighborhood that is made up of hundred year old homes, creating an over-the-top chef’s kitchen will be a waste of your time and money. Potential buyers who would be attracted to your neighborhood, likely won’t want an ultra modern kitchen.
  • Set a budget when you remodel a kitchen – and stick with it.It’s easy to get carried away with a kitchen remodeling project. Southeastern Massachusetts homeowners will do well to work with a professional residential contractor that can help them stay focused and on-budget, while keeping them from making expensive mistakes.

#2 – Adding a Bathroom

If your home only has one bathroom, you can instantly add value by adding a second bathroom. In fact, studies show that you can recoup 80 to 130 percent of your investment when you add another bathroom in a home that is lacking in facilities. Consider adding a bathroom to spaces, such as closets or underneath staircases, where the space is not being used effectively. Here are some tips to remember when adding a bathroom:

  • Make sure you have enough space to create the addition.A half-bath needs a minimum of 18 square feet, while a full bath that includes a stand-up shower, requires a minimum of 30 square feet. If you want a bathroom with a bathtub, make sure to give yourself at least 35 square feet of space to work with for your project.
  • Save money on the total cost of your project by making smart purchases.Important items required for a bathroom, such as sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, doors and even fixtures, can be purchased at a more affordable rate by going through local home improvement centers. Ask your residential contractor if they receive a professional discount on these items so you can save even more.

#3 – Better Use of Space

In many homes, there is space that isn’t being used effectively as living space that can be transformed to give you more square footage, without actually having to create an addition. Finishing a basement, converting attic space into a bedroom or playroom and adding living space above a garage are all examples of making better use of the space already existing within a home. Below is a list of some tips that will help you make good choices with your repairs, remodeling and restoration projects.

  • Create rooms that are versatile and can be used in different ways.If you are making changes to increase the value of your home so you can sell it, you need to create new living spaces that are flexible and appealing to buyers. Adding a wet bar to your extra bedroom could turn off future buyers that want the space for their children.
  • Choose to remodel large spaces that can be used for family or game rooms.Basements are a great place to create extra living space that can be used by the entire family. Play areas, home theaters, game rooms and more will all work well in a basement area. Just make sure not to customize it too much to suit your own personal needs – stay flexible.

#4 – Energy Efficient Upgrades

There are many areas of your home that could use an upgrade that will help you save money on utilities. These types of upgrades add instant value to your home and create an appeal to potential buyers when you are ready to sell your home. Here is a list of areas that can be easily upgraded by a qualified residential contractor that will most benefit Southeastern Massachusetts homeowners:

  • Windows – Energy Star rated windows can save as much as $500 each year on costs associated with heating and cooling. Remodeling projects that include upgrading windows can recoup between 60 and 90 percent of invested costs, as well as a 10 percent green energy tax credit.
  • Appliances – If you are going to be replacing the appliances in your kitchen anyway, it pays to upgrade to Energy Star rated appliances. There are rebates and other credits available to Southeastern Massachusetts homeowners that upgrade their old, inefficient appliances.
  • Thermostat – Replacing your old thermostat with an efficient, programmable thermostat can save you money on your utility bill, as much as $180 each year. Plus, most prospective buyers expect to see a programmable thermostat these days because of energy concerns and conservation.

#5 – Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding a deck, balcony, patio, sunroom or other type of outdoor living space will not just increase the value of your home, it also makes your home more desirable to prospective buyers. Speak with your residential contractor about adding an outdoor living space that will improve the look, feel and value of your home. Here are some things to remember when considering outdoor remodeling projects:

  • Cost will depend on the type of materials used and the extras you want added.Consider every part of the project, including any built-in seating, built-in landscaping, the size of the area and the type of materials you want used when budgeting for your project. Speak with a residential contractor about outdoor living spaces that will add the most function and value for your investment.
  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking that outdoor remodeling projects are all DIY.While some outdoor improvements can be successful do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, adding a deck, a patio or a sunroom can be a huge undertaking that requires a lot of skill and specialized tools. Consider hiring a residential contractor to ensure the job gets done right.

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