How to Plan the Perfect Sunroom Addition for Your Massachusetts Home

sunroom-addonThere are a lot of different reasons why homeowners choose to build a sunroom addition. For Massachusetts homeowners who want to enjoy all four seasons to their fullest, there are many benefits from having such a place in their home where they can enjoy natural light year-round. Whether you want to add a sunroom so you can enjoy the scenery in your own backyard, add extra dining space, make room for entertaining guests or create a greenhouse for your plants in the winter, some degree of planning will need to go into your addition before you can start to build.

Step One – Make a Budget

Any good home improvement project should include a budget. Decide how much you have to spend and determine whether or not you will need to get a home equity or other type of loan to pay for the construction. It is important to set a budget and get all of the financing lined up before you even begin the other parts of the planning phase and hire a contractor, so you’ll know in advance what type of limitations you might have to work around or if you can afford to build a sunroom addition of your dreams.

Step Two – Choose a Location

A true sunroom is designed to receive southern exposure. This maximizes the amount of sunlight and warmth you will receive in the fall and winter months, while helping you to enjoy the warm weather of spring and summer to its fullest. Don’t just look at a map to determine true south. Make sure to use a compass and plan to build your room as close to true south as you can, while working within the existing structure of your home. If you aren’t sure how to do this, or how to determine the best location for your sunroom, consult with a reputable Massachusetts construction service that specializes in constructing outdoor living space and is licensed to do remodeling work and additions of this size.

Step Three – Get the Permits

The next step is to get permission from the town, city or county that you live in that governs zoning for your area. You can contact your local zoning board direct to get the permits needed to build your sunroom and find out about all the building codes and zoning laws that are applicable to this type of construction. However, most Massachusetts construction service providers will take care of these details for you. Hiring an experienced and reputable contractor to build a sunroom addition that is familiar with these laws and codes will save you a lot of time and money in having to do this research for yourself.

Step Four – Start Designing

Once you have all the legalities and finances worked out, you can start designing your sunroom. When you begin to plan your new outdoor living space, it is important to consider what the room will be used for once its finished. This will greatly affect the type of flooring you will choose, and will help you decide whether you want to add a heating or cooling system to the room as well. Some Massachusetts homeowners prefer to leave the sunroom as-is and enjoy the natural warmth and light that the room provides, while others may want a more temperature-controlled environment, depending on its intended use. Large windows, matching doors, ceiling fans, shades or blinds and other typical sunroom design elements should also be considered at this time.

Your geographical location should also be considered, as homes that are closer to the coast that experience cooler temperatures and cloudier skies might want to use building materials that will aid in retaining heat. However, homes that are further inland that receive a lot more sun and warmth may want to consider materials that will block out some of the heat or at least allow adjustments to be made, using blinds or other materials, during the hottest part of the summer.

Step Five – Set Your Plans in Motion

Once you have identified your budget, needs, preferences and the location of your new outdoor living space, the next step is to work with your Massachusetts construction service to set the plans in motion. Always work with a licensed contractor or architect to create the blueprints and plans for your project. Don’t go “cheap” on getting your blueprints and plans created. This is a very important step in the process.

How to Hire a Massachusetts Construction Service for Your New Addition

It can be difficult to know which contractor to hire to build a sunroom addition, especially if you don’t have any experience working with this type of remodeling project. Massachusetts homeowners should choose a reputable, licensed and insured construction service provider that has experience working with the type of project you are looking to do.

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